About Me

As a creative director I work alongside some of the most renowned photographer, agency models and busy industry professionals.

I offer a diverse range of styling, editorial & nail artist services.

I have an image of bringing together several elements of business: – Personal Styling, Nails art and or editorial photography to create variable and unique services to a market not yet experienced here in Australia.

I love building relationships and give a special and memorable experience to clients. offering styling services and support to your unique individual style.

My goal is to always make a client feel comfortable and confident either with their own clothes, others or bot

My Story

When it comes to fashion & styling, it impressioned in me from my youth, a journey which followed through my entire lifetime, and bought me to become the creative styling director I am today. It began in my teenage years when I started to see how I myself looked in my clothes and I realised that unfortunately I didn’t have many options,as my mother couldn’t afford anything other than the simple things in life so I had only clothes what my friends gifted to me, so in that I started to mix colours, playing with fabrics or just recutting and making new styles & dresses.

Not to show to others that I am in the same outfit most of the time, I mixed & matched to formulate totally different styles day by day. I always knew that one day I would too make other people comfortable in their own clothes and therefore confident with their body shapes.

I graduated from Melbourne Fashion Institute and since then I am proud to see my clients transition in confidence and the smile on their faces after our appointment.


I am passionate about helping customers and creating a satisfying shopping experience.

My best attribute lies within being able to build a rapport with my customers and colleagues’ weather one on one, or in a group environment to achieve the desired outcome.

My services are practical and effective and at the same time priced at an affordable rate to help a style makeover an achievable prospect for everyone.

My own style is sassy, colourful, bright, ,sleek,, glossy, ,high fashion; it is what inspires me,and keeps me highly passionate &,motivated

I will give you advice on what you could add or alter that will combine with your existing wardrobe helping you achieve the style you wish while dramatically increasing the amount of choices, but the emphasis will be on what you can do with what you have, therefore saving you money


My strength is that I have a strong vision as a editorial stylist; working with magazines and great teams,to see my work on front covers worldwide’ it’s priceless.to me

I love creating stories, whatever is the theme; fairytale, rock and roll, all styles fit with me.as a visionary fashion stylist

My goal, Purpose & Motivation is to work alongside fast growing brands, highly passionate people & achieve relevant work with experienced brands to broaden my experience & skill set so I may add diversity to future projects and value add to my clients needs


As a experienced stylist in the fashion industry, I started to think how I could add more to complete my styles & add more confidence to the looks I create with my clients, I proudly say that I found a way to make them stand out.

I graduated as a nails profession artist; I was lucky to learn from the best European Nail Educator and use the highest quality nail product!

Now I all bring all this into Australia,offering new & different shapes, styles and longer lasting nails that truly stand out from the rest!